Saffron Oil, Safflower Oil and other, best hair oils!

Would you like to know the best hair oils? Only for cosmetic purposes, several hundred different oils are used and each has different properties. Safflower Oil (often mistakenly referred to as Saffron oil) is a very interesting ingredient rich in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E.


For starters, learn a bit more about:

  1. the properties of Saffron Oil,
  2. how it differs from Safflower Oil,
  3. to what other oils it can be compared?

SAFFRON OIL – remedy for skin
Saffron Oil INCI: Saffron (Crocus Sativus) Essential Oil

When discussing Saffron Oil we must mention that it is an essential oil. It is not obtained during the process of cold-pressing as more valuable hair oils, but by macerating (soaking) saffron in another oil. It is less commonly used in care products, probably because saffron itself is hard to find and a very expensive plant. Nevertheless, Saffron Oil contains a lot of vitamins A and B2. When used in skincare products but not for medical purposes, slows down cell ageing process, rejuvenates, improves skin tone, heals acne, eliminates skin problems, and stimulates hair growth.

SAFFLOWER OIL – perfect for hair
Safflower Oil INCI: Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil

When discussing Saffron Oil, it is impossible not to mention Safflower Oil. Why? Because it is very often referred to as cosmetic Saffron oil. It is extruded by cold-pressing the Safflower seeds. It is not an ethereal oil and it works better in hair care, quite the opposite of Saffron Oil. It is used in both skin and hair care products because it forms an occlusive layer which protects against water evaporation. Safflower Oil has a beneficial effect on hair growth and reduces hair loss. It is ideal for weak, brittle, tired hair. It is delicate, colourless, odourless and is easily absorbed into the scalp.

BEST HAIR OILS -which one will you choose?

Remember, not only Safflower Oil and Saffron Oil are recommended for hair care. When choosing the perfect product, you must look for a natural-oil-based product, even if it is not necessarily Saffron Oil or Safflower Oil content. Keep in mind that there are many other oils with equally interesting or even better properties.

Nanoil Hair Oil in three versions for hair of different porositiesNo 1 – Nanoil Hair Oil 

This product is available in three versions for hair of different porosities: Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair (difficult to style), Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair (frizzy), Nanoil For High Porosity Hair (dry and damaged).

It provides hair with multidimensional care aimed directly at the specific hair problem. It works not only on the surface, but also from within, and even on the scalp. Nanoil is the perfect oil for hair oiling that can be conducted in a variety of ways: dry or wet hair, as hot or overnight treatment, no-rinse conditioner, split ends serum, as an additive to enhance other products, etc. It is a very lightweight and well-absorbed oil that provides excellent results and a beautiful scent. Its elegant packaging is also very practical thanks to a wide pump that dispenses the ideal amount of the cosmetic and improves the product’s performance. Nanoil Hair Oil:

  • strengthens hair, inhibits its loss and boosts growth,
  • seals the water-lipid layer and therefore provides a proper level of hydration,
  • nourishes hair as well as facilitates the absorption of nutrients,
  • provides shine, softness, resilience and smoothness to hair,
  • it facilitates styling, where it protects the hair, for example, from high temperature,
  • takes care of the health of the scalp, regulates its pH, prevents dandruff,
  • seals scales and maintains hair’s good condition.

moroccanoil-treatment-originalNo 2 – Moroccanoil Hair Oil 

This hair treatment is available in two versions: Moroccanoil Treatment Original for every hair type and Moroccanoil Treatment Light for delicate, blonde or light colour-treated hair. Moroccanoil offers also other oils, shampoos, conditioners etc.

Moroccanoil is a light formulation with a simple composition rich in antioxidants. It is based on Morrocan Argan oil, which is found in almost every product of the Moroccan series (enriched with a few basic additives). Both oils are suitable for application before washing the hair as well as after shampooing to towel-dried strands, as it does not require rinsing. Moroccan oil:

  • It makes styling easy and protects your hair from high temperatures,
  • Strengthens the hair from root to tips,
  • Provides shine, accelerates drying time and adds softness.

loreal-professionnel-colour-glow-oilNo 3 – Mythic Oil for hair 

L’Oreal Professionnel Essential Oils are available in four versions: Nourishing Oil for all types of hair, Color Glow Oil for colour-treated hair, Rich Oil for oily and dull hair, Shimmering Oil for hair and body shine.

These products are strongly inspired by oriental traditions. They make use of natural oils to instantly and deeply nourish hair and ensure radiant glow. They come in elegant glass bottles, the oils have medium density and very intense scents. It is advisable to use them on dry or damp hair or just before creating hair styles. They will not do well on thin hair, for which they might have a too heavy formula. Mythic Oil Hair Oil:

  • tames unruly strands and gives the effect of incredible glow and smoothness,
  • takes care of proper hydration and nourishment of bulbs,
  • protects hair from UV radiation and high temperature.