How to tell if saffron oil is original?

Hair and scalp care with cosmetic oils becomes more and more popular. Many women reach for natural products, obtained from flowers, herbs and fruits from ecological cultivation. Why do they decide to test this solution? Because they can be sure that natural cosmetics consist of safe composition and provide immediate effects. It is similarly with saffron oil. However, how can we tell if it is an original oil?

original-saffron-oil.jpgFortunately, it is quite easy to tell the difference between original saffron oil and the fake one. Firstly, you need to know that saffron is one of the most expensive plants, so you have to be prepared that price of saffron oil can be quite high. Secondly, there are three types of oils: natural, refined and organic. All of them are obtained in the cold pressing process. However, refined oils were purified, and at the same time deprived of most of their nourishing ingredients. On the other hand, organic oils must have proper documentation and certificates to prove that they weren’t chemically purified.

Before you decide on treatment with saffron oil, get to know opinions of manufacturer and other people who used this product. You should also find information confirming whether product is natural and organic on the label. Quite significant is how saffron oil was extracted. The best products were cold pressed and unrefined. Why? Only this way they can preserve their ingredients and properties. We do not have to remind that composition of saffron oil is very important. And we will find there, among many vitamin E and linoleic acid. Before purchase, pay attention to informations about manufacturer: country of origin of cosmetic and whether product has all necessary certificates. Highly relevant is packaging, because on that depends, how long saffron oil will preserve its freshness. Bottle should be made of dark glass, and product should be kept away from light, air or humidity.

Some cosmetics have cheaper equivalents, and so does saffron oil. Its cheaper version is extracted from safflower. This plant consists of the same properties and ingredients as saffron. Of course, price of this oil is much lower than original saffron oil. Final decision belongs to you.